Cellular Detoxification and Tissue Regeneration
with Electroregenesis Technology

(TGA Approved Therapy)

Energy is the most fundamental factor in all the myriad forms and functions of life, and behind all forms of disease and dysfunction in the human body lies a basic imbalance and functional disharmony within the human energy system.  Therefore, the most effective way to cure the root cause of disease, and regenerate damaged tissue, is to restore balance and harmony to the whole system, and to increase the supply, improve the quality, and stimulate the flow of energy throughout the system.
That’s precisely what ‘BodiHealth’ Electroregenesis therapy does.  And because energy is the bridge that links body and mind, this highly advanced form of Energy Medicine works simultaneously on the physical and metaphysical dimensions of disease and degeneration in the human body, and is equally effective on both levels.

Electroregenesis therapy sends a gentle, rhythmic stream of electrons pulsing into circulation through the body’s major meridians and branch channels, saturating every tissue and cell in the body with electrons that repair damage on the molecular level.  Precisely calibrated in nanocurrents, which easily pass through the highly reactive renegade molecules known as ‘free radicals,’ stimulate swift growth of new tissue in wounds, mend broken links in DNA, and recharge energy production in all 77 trillion cells of the body.  Because electrons behave as particles as well as waves, they have properties of both matter and energy, which means they have the capacity to repair molecular damage in the physical form of a particular tissue, while simultaneously restoring balance to its energetic function.  No other therapy on earth provides such deep and effective healing to the human system, and only electroregenesis technology delivers its profound restorative benefits in both the physical and metaphysical dimensions.


Clinically proven benefits of electroregenesis therapy includes the following:

  • Swift repair and healing of wounds and injuries
  • Regeneration and detoxification on a cellular level
  • Assists in rebalancing  the energy system 
  • Rapid reduction in tissue inflammation
  • Swift pain relief
  • Removal of parasites
  • Assists in eliminating chronic depression and fatigue
  • Relieves fibromyalgia
  • Promotes sound sleep
  • Stimulates fertility and boosts functional integrity of reproductive organs


A full course of short or long-term treatment is recommended, and we provide the preliminary consultation to design a personal course of treatment for you, free of charge.

The BodiHealth Electroregenesis device is also available for hire for acute or chronic conditions. Please discuss with Sarah leasing options.


Sarah Foley is one of Australia's leading Naturopathic wellness and detox specialists and has developed a unique approach in her practise, embracing Ancient Hawaiian Healing arts, centuries old Tao practises, and a wide variety of healing philosophies from all over the world.

Sarah believes in the power of the butterfly effect, that small changes made consistently over a period of time can produce dramatic results, that not only affect our lives, but also lead to transforming the world.


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