White Lotus Cleansing Transformational Healing Detox & Fasting Retreats

White Lotus Cleansing Retreats invite you on a transformational Personalised complete water fasting retreat at a time and date that suits you!


Experience the unique benefits of a world famous Integrated Detox and Regeneration program, as personally taught by the two pioneers of Detox and Tissue cleansing, Daniel and Snow Reid, best selling authors of the Tao of Detox and the Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity.

This comprehensive seven day retreat focuses on stimulating all of the detox pathways in order to regain homeostasis within the delicate microcosmic temple of the human body. This integrated approach to human health, blends the “Best of the East and West.”

This unique detox retreat:
*Is a complete fast with pure alkaline water and the finest detox supplements on earth, further enhanced with lightly steeped infusions of the finest grade High Mountain Oolong tea from Taiwan allowing the body to totally and completely detoxify. (Juice cleanses are termed semi-fasts.)
*Personalised daily organic coffee colema sessions that removes the mucus plaque lining and years of hardened matter, parasites and intestinal polyps.
* You will be introduced to powerful traditional purifying, healing rituals and chi gung that bring your sense of peace and bliss back into natural alignment.
*The use of Tesla innovational technology transform all negative electromagnetic radiation within the field of the healing rooms and communal premises at the retreat, in order to create a space conducive to the healing process.
*Bodihealth Electroregenesis rebalances the positive and negative polarity within the body, engaging the soul on an energy medicine shift, and detoxifying on a deep cellular level
*Comprehensive Naturopathic consultations on arrival and departure
* Break Fast guidelines for healthy eating and post cleanse meals, probiotics and fresh coconut water.

Retreat Terms and Conditions

Payment, Terms & Conditions

  • All reservations require a 50% non-refundable deposit in order to secure your booking.
  • A $250 deposit is required through a credit card number hold in the event of any loss or damages to the room
  • The remainder of the retreat must be paid two weeks prior to the retreat.
  • If a booking is cancelled a 50% refund of total price is subject to a confirmed re-booking.
  • If a re-booking is unable to be made there will be no refund.
  • The person that made the booking must make cancellations in writing.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice, though once a booking is made and secured by a 50% deposit the price will be fixed at the agreed rate.
  • If you decide to leave sooner than planned, we are not able to refund the cost of the remainder of your scheduled time.
  • We accept credit card, pay pal or direct deposit.
  • Once we have received your 50% deposit you will receive your online health questionnaire and all relevent information in regards to your confirmation and retreat details

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