Far Infared Sauna

Heliotherapy (The Angel of Sunlight)
For Detox and Healing

The therapeutic power of sunlight is another reason that health resorts and healing spas have traditionally been located by the sea or high up in the mountains.  Like the high negative ion count in mountain and seaside air, the clear bright sunlight in such locations provides strong support for the many immune responses involved in detox and healing.  By stimulating the pituitary gland via the oculo-endocrine system, sunlight assures an adequate daily supply of the essential hormones required to repair and rebalance the body.  In addition, by prompting production of vitamin D, the essential cofactor required by the body to assimilate and utilize calcium, sunlight also assures the abundant supplies of calcium needed for detox and healing.

While it is definitely a big advantage to do a detox program at a time and place with lots of sunshine, you don’t need to spend a fortune at a fancy spa to find good sunlight for a week or two.   You can avoid the expense of staying in health resorts and spas by designing your own detox program and doing it in a sunny time and place of your own choosing.
The best times of day for heliotherapy, or ‘therapuetic sunbathing,’ are before 10.30 am and after 3.30 pm, when the sun rides low in the sky and doesn’t damage skin or eyes.  Twenty to thirty minutes of exposure per session, and one or two sessions per day, are sufficient to achieve the desired therapeutic benefits.  Total daily exposure should not exceed one hour.

Unfortunately, its not always possible to find a sunny time and place to do a detox program, especially if its midwinter in the northern latitudes and your finances are limited so there are other methods of obtaining the healing power of natural sunlight. 

Far infared Sauna

The infrared sauna is a popular form of indoor heliotherapy.  Unlike ordinary saunas, which heat the bodily tissues and induce perspiration by sheer force of heat, infrared saunas heat the deepest organs and tissues of the body by virtue of radiant penetrating energy of the infrared band of natural light. This radiant, infrared energy heats the internal tissues without overheating the skin and respiratory system, as ordinary saunas do.  As it penetrates into the deeper, denser tissues below the skin, the infrared heat softens deposits of crystallized toxins and acid wastes in joints, nerves, and connective tissues, allowing them to be dissolved, diluted, and carried away for excretion via blood, lymph, and sweat.  This kind of heat is particularly effective for eliminating heavy metals from the tissues.  Holistic health centres and health spas are beginning to include infrared saunas among their therapeutic facilitiies.





Sarah Foley is one of Australia's leading Naturopathic wellness and detox specialists and has developed a unique approach in her practise, embracing Ancient Hawaiian Healing arts, centuries old Tao practises, and a wide variety of healing philosophies from all over the world.

Sarah believes in the power of the butterfly effect, that small changes made consistently over a period of time can produce dramatic results, that not only affect our lives, but also lead to transforming the world.


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