Fertility and Preconception Care Retreats:

Discovering you are unable to conceive is a dreadful shock to the system, in many cases just as devastating as losing a loved one. The usual advice is 'Have a holiday' or 'Go to IVF'. There is another way! If there is one area of our lives where the naturopathic approach is appropriate, it is surely that of fertility. After all, Mother Nature IS fertility! She is reproduction. Come and join me on a specialised Naturopathic Health Retreat designed to assist women in optimising their health, rebalancing the hormones and conceiving, happy, healthy and vibrant children. This program has been successful in achieving conception for women that are deemed infertile, have had repeated miscarriages or have undergone numerous IVF cycles.


Your 5 day Womens Health and Fertility retreat includes:

  • 4 nights luxury accommodation in the Byron Bay Hinterland
  • Fresh organic culinary meals with award winning macrobiotic chef
  • Fresh organic cold pressed Vegetable juices, the finest grade Taiwanese High mountain oolong tea and fresh baby coconut water
  • Specially formulated detox and colon cleansing supplements
  • 1 hour Kahuna Bodywork
  • Daily morning yoga
  • 1.5 hour comprehensive naturopathic consultation with all fertility screening examinations and pathological testing investigations
  • 5 colonic Hydrotherapy sessions with deep tissue work and energetic abdominal organ massage
  • 3 Far infrared Sauna sessions
  • Naturopathic lectures on Womens health, fertility, preconception care plans and the most up to date methods of optimizing conception and promoting vibrant health
  • Meditation and gathering circles
  • Closing cerermony healing sound shower
  • 3 treatments with the BodiHealth Electroregenesis therapy device
  • Daily magnum detox foot baths



This retreat is organized on request. If you or anyone you know would like to paticipate please contact us to organise. Minimum of 4 participants. Located in Byron Bay hinterland.


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