Our program begins well before you visit us…

Initial Contact
The initial contact is typically made via either of the following channels:

  1. Referral to us by your consultant health practitioner (either orthodox or complementary) /trainer/coach: In this instance we work together with your consultant (with your explicit consent) to formulate a plan best suited to meet your objectives and needs;
  1. Direct contact made by the client: Over the course of the following phases, we will assess your specific objectives and needs and advise you on a sensible and achievable plan to meet your goals.

Upon enquiry, we will discuss a list of contra-indications with you, in order to ensure that you are suitable for colonic hydrotherapy treatment.


On booking your first appointment, White Lotus Cleansing Clinic clients must complete a Health & Lifestyle questionnaire. This should be filled out prior to your first visit in order to help us understand your state of health and assess your requirements.

Contact the clinic to pick up a questionnaire


We will provide you with an easy to follow pre cleanse program, designed to prepare you for the treatment. No fasting is necessary prior to a treatment, however the few dietary adjustments we recommend will enhance the program's results. We believe these are very important and we encourage you to commit to follow them in order to achieve the maximum benefits from your treatment program.

We also have an extensive network of health practitioners (orthodox and complementary), Osteopaths , and spiritual counsellors to whom we refer clients should they require these services to help support their wellbeing. Please indicate this upon your enquiry.


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