Practitioners and Doctors

lotusMessage to Complementary Health practitioners, and Doctors.

White Lotus Cleansing Clinc is committed to providing the highest possible professional standard of colonic-hydrotherapy treatment programs in the Byron Shire.

We welcome referrals from all health practitioners who understand that by detoxifying the body via a course of colonic hydrotherapy sessions, other therapies tend to demonstrate greater efficacy, whilst the client additionally experiences the tremendous benefits of a cleansed and detoxified system.

We welcome your enquiries and are available to meet with you to illustrate our work and provide any information that you may require. We invite you to allow us to work alongside you to provide the best service to your clients.

For doctors: Colonic hydrotherapy can be used in place of laxatives for certain diagnostic tests, as well as pre- and post-surgical procedures. This solution is more often practical and is preferred by clients who due to stringent work commitments need to be able to perform without distractions right up until the last minute.


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