White Lotus Cleansing Transformational Healing Retreats

Imagine feeling relaxed, regenerated and rebalanced, and thinking what a beautiful day it is, and I feel great!

At White Lotus Cleansing transformational healing detox retreats we guarantee you will feel your health and mental clarity improve so the physical, mental and spiritual energies can rebalance for inner peace and harmony.


Transformational healing and Ancient Sacred Arts

The White lotus symbolises purity and divine wisdom and it is believed to promote harmony, inner peace and enlightenment.

The essence of these retreats are to accelerate spiritual evolvement and enhance healing on every level within the system to achieve mental and physical purity and harmony with the spirit.

We specialise in creating unique and comprehensive naturopathic programs  (to treat medical conditions etc) so you can envision a new future and healing path that acknowledges and honours your soul and gives you the tools for when you return home.


The only detox retreat in Australia that offers a Naturopathically monitored alkaline water Fasting Retreat. Experience the powerful benefits of 'pure fasting' with an eastern and western approach to whole healing for 7 days as taught by the bestselling Authors of The Tao of Detox, Daniel and Snow Reid.


White Lotus also specialise in creating personalised Detox and Corporate wellness programs at at a time and place that suits you!

Cleansing Transformational Healing Retreats

White Lotus Cleansing Retreats specialize in personalized one on one transformational healing detox retreats tailored specific to your needs or health concerns in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland.

Our popular signature detox healing programs include:

  • 5 day Detox and Rejuvenation juice cleansing retreat
  • 7 day Tao of Detox Alkaline water fasting retreat
  • 5 day Fertility and Preconception care retreat
  • 7 day Cancer support therapy retreat
  • 5 day Weight loss retreat
  • 5 day Detox and Energy medicine Retreat
  • A true retreat for transformational healing and change with holistic professional experts including specialist detox and fertility Naturopaths, professionally qualified Naturopathic colonic hydrotherapists, magical massage healers, energy medicine therapists, and the finest of sound meditation vibrations.

    Our unique health programs all incorporate the use of cutting edge Electroregenesis therapy used to rebalance the positive and negative polarities of the body, and detox the system on a deep cellular level.


    Invite harmony and vibrancy into your temple today!
    Today is the first step towards a life of beauty and optimum health.


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