lotus'After suffering from abdominal bloating for over 4 years and trying many treatments with little success, it was with joy and relief that I found Naturopath Sarah Foley at White Lotus Cleansing Clinic.

Long term stress and prior anti-biotic use had contributed to my poor gut health. Test results also confirmed that I had a resilient parasite in my system.

Sarah recommended a 7 day detox cleanse and a course of Colonics. During those 7 days I was cared for and supported by Sarah. I was surprisingly at ease during the colonic process, and felt so much relief from the procedure that I actually began to look foward to them.

I felt Sarahs dedication towards my healing, both physically and also emotionally.
I was particularly impressed with her depth of knowledge. The advice she gave me was invaluable and I continue to use her nutritional and health advice today.

At the end of the 7 days I felt terrific.
Energised and Rejuvenated.
I can highly recommend "White Lotus Clinic".

Kerry Dellar, Ocean Shores

‘I found that the full series of colonics and liver flush combined is a total detox and release of body and souls emotions.  I let go not only of physical waste, debris and toxins, but ancient emotional debris from my past that no longer served me being in the present moment, or in a loving state of concsciousness.  I recommended this to 10 of my clients, who also underwent deep physical and soul shifts, and I recommend this to you, dear reader, as a fast, deep and thorough way to step into the Now and become a more loving, healthy and abundant soul.  One note of advice:  Make sure you know how to release emotions safely.”

Padma Aon, Author and teacher of “Power of Shakti” and “The Christ Blueprint”

‘Not only did a big shift happen in my physical healing, but also realizations and a big shift internally.  Sarah’s personalized attention to each individuals needs is excellent.’

Monika I, Sydney, Australia.

‘Thank you so so so much for your nurturing spirit, healing hands, calm presence and wise guidance over the last 8 days.  We love you, our bodies love you, with much appreciation and affection.’

Salila O Connor, Nadja Leglar and  Dany Leglar,  Switzerland.

"I'd forgotten how good you feel from cleansing. I feel better than I have for years, so much energy, so light, it's a lovely feeling. And thank you Sarah for your kind attention, I felt really supported..."

Susie Dove, Mullumbimby

"Sarah is lovely to be around because she holds the space for everyone as she works with them to make sure they get the attention they need. Her program was very beneficial to us through her use of traditional fasting techniques together with meditation/energy balancing and also combining modern technology. Most importantly, White Lotus Cleansing helped us not only detox our bodies but also our minds. "

Tara Melwani, Shabnam Melwani-Reis and Resham Melwani, Singapore.


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