lotusColonic hydrotherapy / Colonic Irrigation treatment: What happens?

Please allow one hour for each colonic irrigation treatment visit. If your first treatment is immediately after the Naturoapthci consultation, please allow one and a half  hours for your first visit, half hour for the consultation and one hour for your first treatment.

After the first appointment and for the duration of the suggested detox or maintenance program selected, please allow one hour for each subsequent visit.

During each visit we will evaluate the on-going results of your program.

The Treatment

Prior to your colonic irrigation treatment your naturopathic colonic hydrotherapist will leave you to appropriately undress  after they have fully explained the libbe machinery and the insertion procedure. Once you have followed this procedure and are lying comfortably on the treatment bed, covered with the sarong provided, the therapist will return to the room to begin the treatment.

The qualified therapist will adjust the water temperature for you. Following which, the flow of purified water is regulated into your colon to ensure a comfortable excretion of waste throughout the treatment.
Your qualified therapist will frequently return to the room to check your progress throughout the session and will also gently massage your lower abdomen to aid the release of waste.

This greatly assists our clients to feel at ease during the session and to overcome the initial embarrassment that some clients may feel. We also genuinely believe in the emotional component of ‘release’which often goes hand in hand with the physical ‘letting go’. In times of emotional release, some clients prefer to have a moment by themselves and we respect that need.

Either way, our friendly and discreet qualified therapists will be there for you in every way possible, informing you, educating you, supporting you and giving you the personal attention that you deserve.

Once the colonic hydrotherapy treatment is complete, you will get dressed and return to the consultation room where you will be given probiotic supplementation and cup of the highest grade high mountain oolong tea. At this stage, you and your qualified therapist will also be able to review together how your course of treatments is progressing. Whether or not your have experienced colonic hydrotherapy elsewhere, you will find White Lotus Cleansing Clinic to be unique and special in the service that we provide and we have no doubt that you will leave feeling truly uplifted.


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